10 Best Rhode Island LLC Services (April 2024)

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Are you looking for the best LLC services in Rhode Island? You are in luck, as we are here to list the best LLC services for your business needs in Rhode Island! The state of Rhode Island, also known as The Ocean State, has specific rules and requirements for LLCs, and it is important to choose a trusted provider to help you navigate through the process smoothly. 

However, choosing one is not just like buying candy at a store; it requires careful consideration and research. We made searching easy for you! We list the best LLC services in Rhode Island and discuss their services, pricing, and pros and cons. So, if you have been looking for reliable LLC business formation services, check out our top list below.

LLC Service



  • Alerts and tracking

  • Flexible plan 

  •  Registered services

  • Easy filing process

    Web hosting

  • Money management


Best Overall

Starts at $0 + state fees

  • Quick and easy process

  • Reliable legal services

  • Various legal services

  • 60 days refund

  • Flexible plan

  • 24/7  customer support



Starts at $0 + state fees

  •  Serves multiple states

  • No obligation upgrades

  • Protects data 

  • Registered agent 

  • Easy payment process

  • No sudden rate increase



Starts at $39 + state fees

  • Fast payment process 

  • User-friendly interface

  • Reliable website experts

  • Protects businessname

  • Business insurance

    Wide range templates 



  • Customizable documents

  • Accessible  attorneys

  • 30 day refund guarantee

  • Reliable chat support

  • Legal guidance 

  • User-friendly interface


Very Good

Top LLC Formation Services in Rhode Island:

  1. ZenBusiness: For quality, affordable LLC services, ZenBusiness is your go-to. With a user-friendly platform, packages start at just $0 + state filing fees.
  2. LegalZoom: With over 20 years of experience, LegalZoom is a popular choice for LLC formation services. They offer different packages depending on your business needs.
  3. Northwest Registered Agent: Known for their exceptional customer service, Northwest Registered Agent offers a personalized approach to LLC formation.
  4. TailorBrands: If you’re looking for a one-stop shop, TailorBrands helps with LLC formation and offers logo design and branding services.
  5. Rocket Lawyer: With an easy-to-use platform, Rocket Lawyer offers affordable LLC formation services and access to legal documents and advice.

Our editorial team has carefully selected these LLC services. We conducted thorough research and considered factors such as pricing, customer reviews, features, and overall reputation. For your preferences and needs, explore different options and choose the one that best fits your requirements.

The 10 Best LLC Services in Rhode Island

1. ZenBusiness


ZenBusiness outperforms competitors due to its affordable pricing and superior customer service. Their price starts at $0, so if you are in Rhode Island, you can form your LLC for free, but take note that you need to pay the state filing fee, which costs  $150 (by mail and online).

ZenBusiness Key Features

  • Business Formation Services: Provides LLC services such as LLC formation, registering agent services, and making operating agreements.
  • Registered Agent Services: Helps you meet state rules and get important legal papers.
  • Compliance Monitoring and Maintenance: Helps companies to track important filing dates and offers ongoing support services.
  • Business Website and Domain Services: Provides services to help businesses create a website and get their own unique web address.
  • Business Banking: Offers business banking services, including checking accounts and debit cards.
  • Bookkeeping Services: Offers bookkeeping services to help businesses keep track of their finances and stay organized.
  • DBA Filing: Helps you file your trade name in Rhode Island

ZenBusiness Plans

  • Starter Plan at $0 + state filing fee
  • Pro Plan at $249/year + state filing fee
  • Premium Plan at $299/year + state filing fee

ZenBusiness Pros and Cons

Reasons to choose ZenBusinessReasons not to choose ZenBusiness
Ensures 100% accuracyEIN comes with an additional cost
User-friendly interfaceA registered agent service is not included in any plans
60 Days RefundWebsite builder’s features are less advanced than others
Flexible plan
24/7 Customer Support

ZenBusiness is one of the most reliable LLC services in Rhode Island. In Rhode Island there are two methods, by mail and in person.. In Rhode Island, the DBA filing fee $50; however, you have to do the process on your own, making it tiring and time-consuming. But with ZenBusiness, you just need to pay $95, and they will do all the job. All you have to do is focus on your business while waiting for your trade name to be filed.

2. LegalZoom


LegalZoom is an LLC service provider in Rhode Island that provides complimentary LLC formation services. It’s a great choice if you want to form your LLC for just $0, but take note that the state filing fee is excluded. If you want to file by mail, you must pay $150 (by mail and online).

LegalZoom Key Features

  • Unlimited 30-minute legal consultations.
  • Offers legal contracts review by an attorney.
  • Access to legal forms library.
  • Operating agreement.
  • EIN
  • Access to small business tax specialists.
  • Access to a business insurance agent.
  • C and S corp formation

LegalZoom Plans

  • Basic: $0 + State Filing Fees 
  • Pro: $249 + State Filing Fees 
  • Premium: $279 + State Filing Fees

LegalZoom Pros and Cons

Reasons to choose LegalZoomReasons not to Choose LegalZoom
Free LLC FormationSome users may find add-ons expensive
Easy to use websiteThe free plan has limited services
60-day money-back guarantee
Quick and easy LLC formation process
Real human live chat

LegalZoom offers everything you need in LLC formation in Rhode Island. With just $0, you can have your LLC formed online by LegalZoom. But note that you must pay the Rhode Island state filing fee of $150 (by mail and online). In Rhode Island, there is what they called “ Amendment to Articles of Organization to amend a Limited Liability Company’s (LLC) Certificate of Formation. This Certificate of Amendment and $50 filing fees must be filed with the Office of the Secretary of State. If it seems daunting for you, LegalZoom can help you with the process. LegalZoom can also assist you with annual reports. In Rhode Island, businesses need to report annually every 1 year and pay $50.

3. NorthWest Registered Agent 

northwest registered agent

Northwest Registered has been providing services like LLC formation, registered agent service, annual compliance, and other business necessities across all 50 states, including Rhode Island. 

Although they are higher for LLC formation than other LLC services, they are still considered one of the best LLC services in Rhode Island. Their pricing for LLC formation starts at $39 plus state fees and a yearly fee of $125 for registered agent service.

NorthWest Key Features 

  • Business name checks: Northwest Registered Agent checks the availability of your desired business name in Rhode Island before filing.
  • Articles of Organization: They prepare and file your Articles of Organization with the Rhode Island Secretary of State.
  • EIN: They assist in obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS for your LLC.
  • Annual report reminders: They send annual report reminders and assist in filing them with the Rhode Island Secretary of State.
  • Trademark assistance: Northwest Registered Agent offers trademark assistance to protect your brand.

Northwest Registered Agent Plans

Northwest does not have plans and packages, unlike other LLC services in Rhode Island. Its services are offered at a flat rate. Below is the breakdown of their pricing and what is included in each service:

  • LLC formation in Rhode Island at $39 + state filing fee
  • Obtaining EIN at $50
  • Registered Agent at $125 per year
  • Annual report filing at $100 + state filing fee

Northwest Registered Agent Pros and Cons

Reasons to Choose NorthwestReasons not to choose Northwest
No upsell pressureEIN registration is not free
Quick payment processExpensive add-ons
Transparent pricingNot credited by BBB
Highly recommended by customers

Northwest Registered Agent has gained a good reputation in Rhode Island because of their transparent pricing. If you choose to form your LLC with Northwest Registered Agent, you will have to pay $39 + state filing fees for $150 (by mail and online). Northwest Registered Agent assists businesses in navigating the complexities of state compliance, including filing necessary documents and fees with the SC Secretary of State. They will help you meet Rhode Island state tax rules and follow business regulations. It makes starting and running a business in Rhode Island easier and keeps it in line with state laws.

4. TailorBrands


TailorBrands not only simplifies LLC formation and guides trademark registration but also handles business licenses. Providing a solid foundation for enterprises, it proves to be a crucial partner in dealing with the intricacies of business structuring along the entrepreneurial path.

TailorBrands Key Features

  • Operating Agreement: For assistance in creating and personalizing an operating agreement for your business, you can turn to TailorBrands.
  • EIN Registration: Tailor Brands streamlines the process of acquiring an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a requirement for taxation and employee recruitment.
  • Registered Agent: They assist businesses that require a representative to handle legal documents and official communication. 
  • Business License: Tailor Brands also offers assistance in obtaining necessary licenses for your enterprise. 
  • Trademark Registration: They can help businesses to register trademarks and logos with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

TailorBrands Plans

  • Lite: Costs $0, excluding state fees, and includes basic LLC formation with standard processing.
  • Essential: At $199 plus state fees, it includes an annual compliance service, a business operating agreement, and expedited 2-day processing for LLC formation.
  • Elite: At $249.00 or $20.75/month plus state fees, you get free one-year domain registration, a DIY website builder, and more.

TailorBrands Cons and Pros

Reasons to Choose TailorBrandsReasons not to Choose TailorBrands
Wide range of business formation servicesPricing is higher compared to other alternatives.
Flexible planMore focus on logo design
One stop shop
Customer support is always available 
Guided LLC formation process

TailorBrands is a reputable and reliable LLC service in Rhode Island. Their LLC formation is top-notch and offers a one-stop shop for all your business needs. When you decide to do it on your own, it can be time-consuming. There is no online filing available, which is a hassle. In Rhode Island, DBA needs to be renewed every Indefinite, and TailorBrands will make sure you don’t miss the deadline.


5. Rocket Lawyer


If you have been planning to form an LLC in Rhode Island, Rocket Lawyer might be the perfect choice for you. Rocket Lawyer offers free business formation if you have subscribed to Rocket Legal+ and paid the membership fee. State filing fees and other third-party fees are excluded. Any additional registrations are at half price.

RocketLawyer Key Features

  • Legal Advice and Consultation: Individuals and businesses can clarify legal inquiries, review documents, and resolve legal issues.
  • Document Storage and Management: You can ensure that your documents are safe and that you can access your files easily. 
  • Business Formation Services: With Rocket Lawyer, you can easily form your LLC and focus on your business. 
  • E-Signature Integration: This makes signing the contract and agreement process quick and easy.
  • Operating Agreement: You don’t have to research the legalities and draft your own agreement.

Rocket Lawyer Plans

  • Registered Agent: $149.99
  • Annual Membership: $239.99 
  • Monthly membership: $39

Rocket Lawyer Pros and Cons

Reasons to Choose Rocket LawyerReasons not to choose Rocket Lawyer
Wide range of legal documentsExpensive than other LLC services
Discounted legal servicesMore focus on legal services
Reliable customer support
Easy-to-use website
Offers 7-day trial

Rocket Lawyer is one of the leading online legal service providers that offer discounted and reliable legal services in Rhode Island. With their 7-day trial period that customers can cancel anytime, Rocket Lawyer ensures that their clients have a risk-free opportunity to try out their services.

6. Bizee


Another popular LLC service in Rhode Island is Bizee. It can help small businesses and individuals handle paperwork for LLCs, S-corps, C-corps, and nonprofits. They offer three plans, including Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Bizee can also help you with state-specific rules in Rhode Island so you can be confident that your LLC is formed correctly.

Bizee Key Features

  • Free Registered Agent Service: Want your business compliant? Bizee can help by offering a free registered agent service for the first year.
  • Fast Filing Turnaround: Bizee provides swift filing, getting your business up and running quickly.
  • Low-Cost Basic Package: You can start your business with Bizee’s Silver package, starting at $0 plus state fees. 
  • Suitable for Non-techy: Bizee’s easy-to-use platform makes forming your LLC simple, even for beginners.
  • Lifetime Alerts and Notifications: Bizee’s lifetime alerts help you remember important deadlines and paperwork so you can meet your legal responsibilities without stress.

Bizee Plans

  • Silver: Free plus state filing fee
  • Gold: $199 plus state filing fee
  • Platinum: $299 plus state filing fee

Bizee Pros and Cons

Reasons to choose BizeeReasons not to choose Bizee
Free LLC FormationExpensive fee for Gold and Platinum plan
Grants for entrepreneursNo live chat
One-stop shop
Unlimited name-checks
Phone and email support available
Free Registered Agent Service

Bizee is a good choice for LLC services in Rhode Island. Aside from its wide range of services, it stands out because of its free Registered Agent Service in every plan. But remember that their registered agent service is only free for a year; after that, you must pay $199 annually.

7. SwyftFilings


Swyft Filings was created to make starting a business easier. They aim to help small businesses and entrepreneurs start their dreams without expensive legal fees. It is recognized for its business savvy, culture, and growth.

SwyftFilings Key Features

  • LLC Formation: Form your business entity type of choice with Swiftfilings. Whether it’s S Corporation, C Corporation, or Nonprofit, they can help you. 
  • DBA Filing: They also offer (DBA) filing so you can operate your business under a different name.
  • Registered Agent Service: They offer a registered agent who is available during business hours to receive important legal documents on behalf of the company. 
  • Annual Report Compliance: In Rhode Island, a business should conduct annual reports 1 year. Swyft Filings can help you with that and update your business activities and structure. 
  • Initial Report Compliance: For new businesses, Swyft Filings can assist with filing the initial report required by the state.
  • EIN / Federal Tax ID Number: Swyft Filings can obtain an EIN or Federal Tax ID, making it easier to open a business bank account and hire employees.
  • Amendments & Name Changes: If you need to make changes to your business structure or name, Swyft Filings can help with the necessary filings.

SwyftFilings Plans

  • Basic Package : $0 + State Filing Fees
  • Standard Package: $199 + State Filing Fees
  • Premium Package: $299 + State Filing Fees

SwyftFilings Pros and Cons

Reasons to Choose SwyftFilingsReasons not to Choose SwyftFilings
Fast and easy to useLimited scope of services
Excellent customer supportHidden fees
Positive customer reviews

SwyftFilings is a trusted and reliable resource for business owners looking for assistance with legal paperwork and filings. Despite some room for growth, it’s fair to say that SwyftFilings is one of the most reliable LLC services in Rhode Island.

8. MyCompanyWorks


Established in 2001, MyCompanyWorks has been dedicated to streamlining the process of business formation and management for small businesses and startups. MyCompanyWorks provides LLC formation and various small business services to assist new business owners with tax, licensing, and other tasks. 

MyCompanyWorks Key Features

  • Business Formation: It helps small entrepreneurs with creating LLCs and corporations.
  • DBA Filing: It offers assistance in filing a Doing Business As (DBA) for businesses.
  • Annual Report Filing: It supports individuals and businesses in filing necessary annual reports.
  • Business Licensing: It helps businesses in obtaining the required permits and licenses. 
  • Name Change Services: Help with company name change.
  • Company Closure Services: Helping you wrap up your business smoothly.
  • Email and Website Setup: Offering setup services for professional emails and websites.

MyCompanyWorks Plans

  • Basic: $79.00 + state fees
  • Entrepreneur: $199.00 + state fee
  • Complete: $279.00 + state fee
  • Registered Agent Service: $99.00 /yr

MyCompanyWorks Pros and Cons

Reasons to choose MyCompanyWorksReasons not to Choose MyCompanyWorks
They offer competitive pricesRegistered Agent service excluded in Basic
Guided LLC formation process Slow turnaround time compare to others
Excellent customer service
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Added virtual office services

MyCompanyWorks can help entrepreneurs set up their businesses by preparing and filing articles about the organization on their behalf. Rhode Island has two methods, by mail and in person., which MyCompanyWorks can help you with. For only $99 + Rhode Island state fees, you can file your trade name. 

9. MyCorporation


MyCorporation offers four LLC formation and incorporation packages: Basic, Standard, Deluxe, and Premium. Their Basic plan starts at $99 + state filing fees. With MyCorporation, Rhode Island businesses can take advantage of affordable packages that provide fast processing times and helpful customer support. 

MyCorporation Key Features

  • Business Formation: MyCorporation helps customers establish legal business entities; whether it’s C-Corp or S-Corp, they can help. 
  • Registered Agent Services: MyCorporation can serve as your business’s registered agent, handling legal documents and ensuring state compliance.
  • Annual Report Filings: MyCorporation assists with preparing and filing annual reports, often required by states to maintain good standing.
  • Business Compliance: MyCorporation offers resources to help businesses adhere to state regulations and requirements.
  • Trademark Services: MyCorporation helps with trademark registration to safeguard your brand and intellectual property.
  • Business License Compliance: They also offer resources to help businesses acquire necessary licenses and permits for their industry and location.

MyCorporation Pros and Cons

Reasons to Choose MyCorporationReasons not to Choose MyCorporation
Fast and easy application processNo operating agreement
Accessible customer support Employer Identification Number
Wide range of services to choose from
Cost-effective options

MyCorporation offers business formation services, including business compliance, trademark registration, and license acquisition assistance. It aims to make the process easier for individuals looking to start or expand their businesses. However, in terms of affordability, Mycompany falls behind other LLC services like Bizee. Bizee charges $0.00 for its entry-level package, which also includes an operating agreement and an EIN registration.

10. IncAuthority


IncAuthority provides a free entity-setup service. This includes business name verification, digital storage/delivery, customer support, document preparation and filing, and a year of Registered Agent service. IncAuthority also provides upgrade options. These include a Record Book for $99, Website Registration at $19, and an annual Inc Protection Advisor service for $197.

IncAuthority Key Features

  • Business Name Availability Search: IncAuthority ensures no duplicate LLC or LCC filings within your state by running a comprehensive search of organization names.
  • Filing the paperwork for your new LLC: No need to fret over paperwork or legalities. They’ll handle the LLC formation and file it to establish your new business.
  • Registered Agent: IncAuthority appoints a Registered Agent for your LLC to ensure you are notified of any important legal documents or notices.
  • S Corporation Tax Election Form: If you opt to register your business as an S Corp, they’ll handle the necessary paperwork for you.

IncAuthority Plans

  • Starter: $399 + State Filing Fee
  • Executive: $499 + State Filing Fee
  • Tycoon: $799 + State Filing Fee

IncAuthority Pros and Cons

Reasons to Choose IncAuthorityReasons not to Choose IncAuthority
Registered Agent free for a yearNot transparent pricing
Free LLC formation servicePackages are more expensive than other LLC services
Positive reviews available onlineNo refund
Add-on services

IncAuthority is one of the most reliable LLC services in Rhode Island. With its Free: $0 + State Filing Fee package, you can form your LLC at no cost. However, note that the state filing fee, which varies per state, is not included in the package. So, if you’re planning to register your business in Rhode Island, expect to pay $0 for IncAuthority’s services plus the state filing fee.

Why Rhode Island is Ideal for Business

Known as The Ocean State, Rhode Island is a haven for businesses because of its large population of 1,110,822. This shows that starting a business in Rhode Island is a wise decision. Particularly in Providence, which offers potential tax advantages and other perks for new LLCs.

Rhode Island is one of the prime locations for setting up a business. Its welcoming business climate, supported by various government incentives and programs, along with an affordable cost of living, enhances its attractiveness for entrepreneurs.


Are there any LLC services that specifically cater to Rhode Island businesses?
Yes, there are LLC services that specialize in serving Rhode Island businesses.
Can an out-of-state company use an LLC service in Rhode Island?
Yes, out-of-state companies can use an LLC service in Rhode Island to form a business entity in the state.
What are some advantages of using an LLC service in Rhode Island?
Some advantages include expertise in Rhode Island laws and regulations, simpler formation process, and ongoing support for your business.
How much does it cost to use an LLC service in Rhode Island?
The cost varies depending on the specific services you need, but most LLC services offer packages at different price points to accommodate various budgets.
Do I need a registered agent in Rhode Island if I use an LLC service?
Yes, all businesses in Rhode Island, including those formed with the help of an LLC service, are required to have a registered agent in the state.
How long does it take to form an LLC in Rhode Island with the help of an LLC service?
The time it takes to form an LLC in Rhode Island with an LLC service varies, but it typically ranges from a few days to a few weeks.
Can an LLC service in Rhode Island help with annual reports and compliance requirements?
Yes, most LLC services in Rhode Island offer assistance with annual reports, compliance requirements, and other ongoing maintenance tasks for your business.
What happens if my LLC service in Rhode Island misses a deadline for filing?
Missing a deadline for filing can result in penalties or fines for your business, so it’s important to choose an LLC service that is reliable and timely.
Are there any specific regulations or requirements for forming an LLC in Rhode Island?
Yes, Rhode Island has specific regulations and requirements for forming an LLC, including naming guidelines, registered agent requirements, and more.
Can an LLC service help me with business licenses and permits in Rhode Island?
Some LLC services in Rhode Island offer assistance with business licenses and permits, while others may provide guidance on how to obtain them on your own.
What are the benefits of forming an LLC in Rhode Island?
Forming an LLC in Rhode Island provides limited liability protection to its owners, potential tax benefits, and simplified paperwork and compliance requirements.
What is the cost of hiring an LLC service in Rhode Island?
The cost of hiring an LLC service in Rhode Island can vary depending on the specific services you require. It is recommended to research and compare different service providers to find the best option that fits your budget.
Is it necessary to hire an LLC service in Rhode Island to form an LLC?
No, it is not necessary to hire an LLC service to form an LLC in Rhode Island. However, hiring a professional service can help streamline the process and ensure compliance with state regulations.
How long does it take to form an LLC in Rhode Island?
The timeline to form an LLC in Rhode Island can vary depending on various factors such as the workload of the Secretary of State’s office, the accuracy of the submitted paperwork, and any specific requirements of the business.
Are there any specific naming requirements for an LLC in Rhode Island?
Yes, in Rhode Island, an LLC name must be distinguishable from all other business entities registered in the state. It must also include words like “Limited Liability Company” or abbreviations such as “LLC.”
Can a non-resident of Rhode Island form an LLC in the state?
Yes, a non-resident of Rhode Island can form an LLC in the state as long as they appoint a registered agent with a physical address in Rhode Island to receive legal documents and notifications on behalf of the LLC.
What taxes does an LLC in Rhode Island need to pay?
LLCs in Rhode Island are subject to various taxes, including the state income tax, the annual report fee, and potentially other local and federal taxes based on the type of business and its activities.
Are there any ongoing compliance requirements for an LLC in Rhode Island?
Yes, LLCs in Rhode Island are required to file an annual report with the Secretary of State and pay the accompanying fee to maintain good standing. Additionally, they must comply with any other tax and regulatory obligations.
Can an LLC in Rhode Island be legally dissolved?
Yes, an LLC in Rhode Island can be legally dissolved through a formal process that involves filing dissolution paperwork with the Secretary of State, settling any outstanding debts and liabilities, and complying with other legal requirements.
What is the difference between an articles of organization and an operating agreement in Rhode Island?
The articles of organization in Rhode Island are the official documents filed with the Secretary of State to form an LLC, while the operating agreement is an internal document that outlines the ownership, management, and operational procedures of the LLC.
Does Rhode Island require publication of the formation of an LLC in a local newspaper?
No, Rhode Island does not require the publication of the formation of an LLC in a local newspaper. The only requirement is to file the necessary formation documents with the Secretary of State.
Can an LLC in Rhode Island be converted into a different business structure?
Yes, an LLC in Rhode Island can be converted into a different business structure, such as a corporation or a partnership, through a formal process that involves compliance with state regulations and tax implications.
What is the advantage of hiring a professional LLC service in Rhode Island?
Hiring a professional LLC service in Rhode Island can provide expertise and guidance throughout the formation process, save time and effort for business owners, and ensure compliance with state regulations and requirements.
Can an LLC in Rhode Island have a foreign qualification?
Yes, an LLC formed in another state but conducting business in Rhode Island must obtain a foreign qualification from the Secretary of State to legally operate in Rhode Island. It involves filing the necessary paperwork and paying the accompanying fee.
Are there any restrictions on who can be a member of an LLC in Rhode Island?
In Rhode Island, there are no specific restrictions on who can be a member of an LLC. Members can be individuals, other LLCs, corporations, or even non-profit organizations as long as they comply with state regulations.
How can I check the availability of an LLC name in Rhode Island?
You can check the availability of an LLC name in Rhode Island by searching the Secretary of State’s online business entity database. The name must be unique and not already in use by any other business entity registered in the state.
What is the process for changing the name of an LLC in Rhode Island?
To change the name of an LLC in Rhode Island, you must file an amendment to the articles of organization with the Secretary of State, provide the new desired name, pay the applicable fee, and comply with other legal requirements.
Can an existing LLC in another state relocate its business to Rhode Island?
Yes, an existing LLC in another state can relocate its business to Rhode Island through a process known as domestication. It involves filing the necessary paperwork with the Secretary of State, obtaining a certificate of existence from the original state, and complying with other requirements.
What documents are required to form an LLC in Rhode Island?
To form an LLC in Rhode Island, you need to file the articles of organization, provide a registered agent with a physical address in Rhode Island, pay the applicable fee, and comply with any additional requirements based on the business type and activities.
Are there any specific professional licensing requirements for operating an LLC in Rhode Island?
Yes, certain professional services in Rhode Island may require specific licensing or certifications to operate legally. It is recommended to research and comply with all applicable regulations to avoid any legal issues.
Can an LLC in Rhode Island have a single-member?
Yes, an LLC in Rhode Island can have a single member, known as a sole proprietorship. This offers the flexibility of managing the business independently while still providing limited liability protection.
What are the advantages of choosing Rhode Island as the state to form an LLC?
Rhode Island offers a business-friendly environment, a supportive network of resources for startups and small businesses, access to skilled workforce and innovation hubs, and a strategic location for regional and national business operations.
Can an LLC in Rhode Island be converted into a nonprofit organization?
Yes, an LLC in Rhode Island can be converted into a nonprofit organization through a formal process that involves compliance with state regulations, obtaining tax-exempt status, and fulfilling other requirements for nonprofit entities.
What is the process for hiring a registered agent in Rhode Island?
To hire a registered agent in Rhode Island, you can either choose an individual or a professional service provider that offers registered agent services. The registered agent must have a physical address in Rhode Island and be available during normal business hours.
Can an LLC in Rhode Island be formed online?
Yes, an LLC in Rhode Island can be formed online by filing the necessary documents and paying the required fees through the Secretary of State’s online system. It’s a convenient and efficient way to start a business in Rhode Island.
Does Rhode Island require an annual meeting for LLCs?
Rhode Island LLCs are not required to hold annual meetings of members or managers by state law. However, it is a good practice to document important business decisions and maintain proper corporate records to uphold the legality of the LLC.
Is it mandatory to have an operating agreement for an LLC in Rhode Island?
While not required by state law, having an operating agreement for an LLC in Rhode Island is highly recommended. It outlines the ownership and management structure of the business, operational procedures, and the rights and responsibilities of the members.
Can an LLC in Rhode Island be managed by its members or appoint managers?
An LLC in Rhode Island can be managed by its members, known as member-managed, or appoint managers to oversee the daily operations, known as manager-managed. The choice depends on the structure and management preferences of the LLC.

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Starting your business in Rhode Island is a good move, especially if you have experts by your side who are knowledgeable about the state’s laws and regulations. This article presents a roundup of top-notch options for you to consider. Examine each carefully, compare their pricing, assess their services, and select the one that best fits your business needs. 

Don’t rush to choose; take your time, as your choice will be a crucial factor in your business’ success. But if you are aiming for the best, consider ZenBusiness. You can start an LLC for only $0 + state filing fee. What are you waiting for? Experience a smooth and hassle-free LLC formation process with ZenBusiness.

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